AKA: Adrian Farenheit Tepes
As seen in: Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (NES)
Also in: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PlayStation)
Distinguishing feature: Superboy to Dracula's Superman.
Strengths: Knows how to be a gentleman after all.
Weaknesses: Can't attack on stairs; echolocation in bat form ineffective at detecting falling masonry.

Profile by Nicola Nomali | December 6, 2009

Children typically reach a point in life where they begin to question their parents' wisdom and generally rebel against authority. Meanwhile, adults are often skeptical as to whether the teenager can be trusted in his convictions or is merely spellbound by the exotic appeal of unfamiliar philosophies (not to mention the gushing hormones which accompany puberty). This leads to no small amount of misunderstandings and distrust between members of different generations.

However, if the parent in question is Count Dracula, who is currently waging war on all of fifteenth-century humanity with his armies of darkness, it might be safe to say the kid has a point.

And this is on top of the difficulty of being a child of mixed race. An ordinary mixed-race kid will have enough trouble fitting in with peers and grasping any kind of cultural identity, but as a half-vampire, Adrian Tepes has no one in the world to whom he can relate -- to say nothing of one half of his heritage granting him an overpowering thirst for human blood. And if that weren't enough, he comes from a broken home: his human mother, Lisa, was executed as a witch for healing villagers with herbs. (Apparently, the whole "shacking up with Dracula" thing was a secondary concern.) Dracula tried to compensate for the gap in his son's life by showering the boy with stylish capes and Pompadours, but young Adrian only clung more desperately to his mother's memory and what little guidance she'd been able to give him. In particular, her "don't hate and kill humans" concept became a crucial element in driving a wooden stake between father and son.

He kept the clothes and hair -- because, really, there's no arguing with that style -- but when the Demon King spread a shadow of death over Wallachia in retaliation for Lisa's death, Adrian adopted the moniker "Alucard" ("Dracula" backwards, which he thought was an incredibly sick burn at the time) and made his objections clear... by sulking alone in the catacombs beneath the castle. It was mostly by luck that Trevor C. Belmont?, the latest scion of the legendary line of vampire hunters, found him there while infiltrating Dracula's keep. (He could have just as easily taken the ghost ship instead of the underground route.) Once Trevor had proven his mettle and Alucard had gotten over the discomfort of looming over him by at least a foot (again: Puberty), he finally elected to stand up to his father and join the winning side of the war.

In his debut performance, Al's abilities weren't developed much beyond fluttering about awkwardly as a bat; he required a couple of power-ups before he could even do justice to Dracula's basic "shoot three fireballs and teleport" routine, and even then, he lost his nerve for the "teleport" part around the time Trevor finished whipping him in the face. Still, with no love lost, he did his part in felling Dracula for the first time in history and at the height of his demonic power. Afterwards, unable to fit in human society and with no remaining family (no matter how abhorrent), Al decided to fulfill his adolescent desire for attention and get in one last jab at his old man. First, he grew out and bleached his hair. Second, he submerged himself in an endless sleep, ideally removing any trace of Dracula's cursed bloodline from the realm of the living -- forever.

Of course, Dracula got the last laugh since, as it turned out, he could resurrect pretty much any time he really felt like it, with or without the assistance of his drinking buddy Death. Thus, three centuries and change later, Al became privy to one of the greatest lessons of growing up: no matter how smart you think you are, you just can't get one over on your dad.

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