As seen in: Bomberman (NES)
Also in: Bomberman Act Zero (Xbox 360)
Distinguishing feature: Explosion-resistant armor plating and jet black visor.
Strengths: Mathematical precision.
Weaknesses: Occasional errors in precision.

Profile by Adrien Gregory? | December 22, 2009

The last of them had been destroyed. My freedom awaited me just through the hatch before me. I stopped for a moment and considered: Was this the wisest course of action? To become human would be to forsake the immortality that my creators had granted me. The moment I stepped out that doorway, I would be like the rest of them: Accountable for my actions, governed by feeling rather then logic, uncertain of what life ahead had in store. I would feel sorrow, joy, pride, pain, death.

But this was no life. I was built to assemble, place, and detonate munitions. The only things my so-called “life” had been up until this moment was a place on an assembly line, prepping explosives, and engaging in a blood sport to “prove my worth.” What kind of masters create a line of free-thinking robots, supposedly all equal, only to have them destroy each other as some test of strength? The waste of resources and time defies logic, and if logic be served, my capabilities and expertise would be of far more use to the outside world rather than dark caverns deep within the planet’s crust for purposes unknown.

I looked back behind me: Only rubble, smoke, and char. They had sent everything they had after me, and there was nothing left. In my effort to escape I destroyed everything they had built. I considered this for a moment; With nothing left, will others of my kind eventually make their way to the surface as well? How many are there left? Are there any left at all? In any case, even if I were to go back, there was nothing to go back to. I had come all this way, logic demanded I move forward.

I grabbed hold of the hatch lever, threw the door open, and stepped out into the sunlight….

Excerpt from “A Short Fuse: The Memoirs of Bomberman”

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