AKA: Bub and Bob
As seen in: Bubble Bobble (Arcade)
Also in: Rainbow Islands (Arcade)
Distinguishing feature: Bubble-blowing dinosaurs.
Strengths: Expectoration; changing their mass so as to ride on bubbles.
Weaknesses: Space invaders.

Profile by David Goldberg | December 24, 2009

You will be impressed by the truth of this story. It is both a tragic and an inspirational story. Some have even called it a fantastic one, but let's not get too carried away.

Traditional, healthy, teenage boys, Bubby and Bobby one day made an unwise decision. Both smitten by their respective girlfriends, Patty and Betty, they decided to take them to a picnic just outside the Cave of Monsters. Why they would choose to lunch by such an ominous-sounding location is unknown, but it culminated in the horrible Super Drunk kidnapping their girlfriends and taking them into the cave.

Strangely, Super Drunk also turned the boys into Bubblun and Bobblun—a pair of bubble-blowing Brontosaurs. After entering the cave of monsters, Bubblun and Bobblun discovered that their new bubble-blowing powers allowed them to capture monsters in bubbles and then pop them to destroy them. Some later speculate that the bubble-blowing power was actually gastrointestinal distress from eating all manner of candy, potions, fruit, fast food, and diamonds.

One could wonder why the evildoer Super Drunk would give Bubblun and Bobblun the power to defeat the monsters that lay in their path. Some say that Bubblun and Bobblun wondered the same thing when, upon reaching Super Drunk, they saw that he had potions of lightning in his room that were the key to defeating them. Through super bubble bobble prowess, they brought down Super Drunk and his true identity was revealed—he was the manifestation of Bubby and Bobby's parents' alcoholism, and the whole girlfriend-kidnapping scheme was a desperate cry for help.

Fortunately, Bubby and Bobby had acquired the most important magic in the world: "Love" and "Friendship." That and bubble-encased electricity were the key to rescuing Patty and Betty, getting their parents into a twelve-step program, and turning themselves back into regular boys... who could shoot rainbows.

But this is not a true ending!

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