As seen in: Final Fantasy II (Famicom)
Also in: Chocobo's Dungeon (Wii)
Distinguishing feature: Is a giant frickin' bird, has a distinctive cry
Strengths: Strong legs, hard beak.
Weaknesses: Tempting greens.

Profile by Ben Elgin | January 3, 2010

Geographic Range: The common Chocobo is found on most continents throughout the known worlds, excepting certain uninhabitable wastes. Their ubiquitous nature is indeed only approached by a few other species, such as the Moogle, the Cactuar, and the Bomb.

Habitat: Most chocobos are found in forests, but they are equally at home on grassy plains. Rumors from distant lands report some chocobos adapted to a wider variety of terrain such as rivers, mountains, and even the ocean, but these are unsubstantiated.

Physical Description: The chocobo is an imposingly large, generally flightless bird. Full-grown specimens range from 450 to 750 pounds in weight and reach 50 to 70 inches high at the shoulder. A less common "fat" variety has been known to clock in at over 2500 pounds; most naturalists suspect that these individuals must represent a separate sub-species, but their exact status is unknown as they have never been successfully bred in captivity. Chocobo plumage usually ranges from off-white to a deep yellow, though the same dubious reports referenced above indicate the possibility of exotic colors ranging from black and blue to red and even gold.

Reproduction: After mating, a chocobos will lay a single, large egg (up to eight inches long and weighing as much as eight pounds), which hatches in a little under two months' time. Chocobo chicks are notably adorable, and take about three years to reach maturity.

Behavior: Most chocobos live in small flocks located deep in forests. They appear to be very particular about choosing a suitable location and will only make their homes in a few well-hidden areas. Initially quite skittish, a wild chocobo can warm to humans quickly with proper care. The birds are known to be reasonably intelligent, and are quite capable of learning simple commands and following directions. Chocobos are quite able-bodied, and can run up to 48 miles per hour. They are also well-equipped to defend themselves and will do so when cornered or goaded, delivering extremely powerful kicks with their strong legs and bites with their large beaks. Further unsubstantiated reports indicate that certain chocobo populations may also possess some ability with basic magics, which they use to heal themselves and fend off enemies.

Food Habits: Chocobos are selective herbivores. Their favorite food source is almost always Gysahl greens, but they are also known to enjoy carrots, other types of greens, and various seeds and grains.

Domestication: The chocobo has long been used by humans for transportation, both as a mount and a beast of burden. In addition to their speed and endurance, chocobos possess a keen instinct for avoiding predators and other aggressive creatures, making them invaluable when crossing through hostile territory. Chocobos are sometimes raised in ranches for this purpose, though one must periodically catch new individuals from the forest to maintain the integrity of the breeding stock. More recently, the chocobo has also been used in conflict, with its natural defenses directed either at beasts of the field, or even at other humans in time of war. Far-off lands have also been known to use them in the field of sports, mainly for racing.

Other Comments: The noble chocobo is truly one of man's best friends. Whether you need a steed for a day's ride or for a life companion, respect and care for your chocobo, and it will do the same for you.

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