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One of the greatest RPG series of all time is also one of the most controversial. Ah, but isn't that the way of things? Something earns acclaim and the nattering nabobs of negavitiy have to tear it down. Some jackasses don't even like Final Fantasy VII. The nerve!

It is, admittedly, something of a stretch to call the Chrono games a "series." In fact, it's a pair of games, one of which is at once a side story to the other and a reimagining of an obscure text adventure that was only ever made available for download on an early Japanese game service for Super Famicom.

But what the hey. Chrono Trigger is so good that we're willing to fudge all kinds of rules for its sake.

General info

The Chrono series timeline: Making sense of a story's chronology when it involves both time travel and parallel universes is not a job for the faint-hearted.

Dramatis personae: Keeping track of more than forty playable characters is no easy task, either. But at least this ain't Suikoden.

Alternate realities: "Alternate realities" is just a fancy, book-learnin' way of saying "different endings."

Chrono Trigger

It's funny that Square Enix has become synonymous with rehashing tired concepts and whoring out beloved brand names, because the first collaboration between Square and Enix was the exact opposite: A lovingly-crafted work that balanced depth and freedom of storytelling with streamlined, accessible gameplay. They don't make 'em like this anymore, and that's why the world sucks.

Review?: Does the world really need another Chrono Trigger review? Not really, but in my heart I keep hoping that if we talk about it Square will finally wise up and continue the series. This is known as "magical thinking."

Revisiting Trigger: A multi-part blog series which totally dissects the game to reveal its delicious awesomeness for the world to enjoy.
One | Two | Three | Four

Chrono Trigger Fun Club discussion (September 2007 edition): A game this brilliant deserves to be discussed thoroughly.

Story FAQs: Helping you straighten out the vagaries of Trigger's tale. Hopefully.

Radical Dreamers

The first sequel to Chrono Trigger was unexpected -- and for the longest time, largely unknown. A text-driven adventure featuring situations and characters that will strike Chrono Cross fans as oddly familiar, Radical Dreamers kept the dream alive in its own unique way.

Review?: Is Radical Dreamers good enough to encourage you to illegally download a game that was never officially released on cartridge or in English? Hmmmm....

Chrono Cross

The long-awaited true sequel to Chrono Trigger was very much a product of its times: A relatively low-budget RPG that nevertheless managed to cram in some of the finest graphics, music and cinemas ever seen on PlayStation -- and also something of a mess of a game, with a sloppily-presented story, too damn many characters and an overwhelmingly anticlimactic finale. A staggering work of heartbreaking genius.

Review?: Great game, terrible sequel? Or great sequel, terrible game? Or maybe none of the above?

Flashbacks: The reason a little voice nags at the back of your mind whenever you play Chrono Cross? Because you know these story and game elements from Chrono Trigger. This list chronicles them all.

Story FAQs: No one ever asked these questions, probably, but if someone were to make inquiries about Chrono Cross, this is probably where they would start.

Chrono Break

Uh, yeah. Chrono Break. Right.

Chrono Break FAQ: There's no such thing as Chrono Break. Square was just toying with your feelings. That didn't stop me from penning the ultimate FAQ on the game, though.