AKA: Golgo 13
As seen in: Top Secret Episode: Golgo 13
Also in: Golgo 13: The Mafat Conspiracy
Distinguishing feature: Steely, silent, ruthless persona.
Strengths: Aim? Endurance? Intelligence? At any rate, an amazing penis.
Weaknesses: Tendency to reverse the B and A buttons.

Profile by Jeremy Parish | February 23, 2010

Duke Togo, better known within a small circle of international power players by his alias Golgo 13, is the most dangerous man in the world. His body is a finely-honed tool of destruction, scarred but unbroken by decades of close scrapes and near misses. His eyes are windows to a mind like a computer, capable of calculating the trajectory of rifle bullets at impossible angles and distances. His lengthy career of high-profile assassinations has made him unbelievably wealthy. And he has killed a whole hell of a lot of people along the way. Because that is what Golgo 13 does: He kills people. Better than anyone else!

On occasion, though, Togo has found himself drawn into frankly implausible scenarios. Perhaps the most extreme example found Togo framed for the destruction of a top-secret American courier, flung across the world to learn the identity of the people behind the conspiracy, battling through mazes, and ultimately shooting up an army of cyborg Hitler clones. Even for Togo, that's a tall order.

But Togo's Hitler caper wasn't entirely atypical. Along the way, he also had a lot of sex. Because that's also what Golgo 13 does: He sleeps with women. Also better than anyone else, we hear.

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