As seen in: Frogger (Arcade)
Also in: Frogger II: Threeedeep! (Apple II)
Distinguishing feature: Not Kermit.
Strengths: Jumping.
Weaknesses: Swimming, traffic.

Profile by David Goldberg | March 7, 2010

Frogger is an amphibian of simple desires. All he wants to do is get home, perhaps snacking on a tasty fly once he gets there. He's always willing to help a lady frog across the river, provided she accompany him to his home for some presumed frog hanky-panky. (Although someone at Konami must have been reading their biology book wrong, as they inexplicably have the female frog riding Frogger's back.)

Given his home attracts plenty of flies and even the lady frogs aren't too far away, one wonders why Frogger always seems to end up across the ragingest river and busiest highway when the game starts. Even Buckner and Garcia commented on his strange behavior in one of their lesser-known classics, "Froggy's Lament."

Leave it to Ruby-Spears to produce a hard-hitting documentary revealing the real reason Frogger would ever want to leave the safe confines of his lily-pad: It turns out that he's the ace reporter for the Swamp Gazette. Always on the lookout for the next scoop, Frogger must venture out to find the next great story, especially when it involves the most dangerous animal of all: Man. His drive to be the best investigative journalist he can (and his boss' incessant nagging) are his incentive to venture into the crazy world.

The documentary also reveals that his girlfriend is named Fanny, although it is unclear whether every lady frog in the game is meant to represent her or whether he keeps plenty of other mistresses on the side. He is also, inexplicably, friends with one of the turtles who is always dumping him into the river. Perhaps this is because the turtle, Shelly, sounds inexplicably like Woody Allen.

Thus, Frogger the game captures the moment in Frogger's life where he has finished a long day of reporting and just wants to get home (and perhaps get laid). Why Konami decided that this was the ideal moment to immortalize in their arcade game remains a mystery for the ages.

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