As seen in: Spy Hunter (Arcade)
Also in: Spy Hunter (GameCube/PS2/Xbox)
Distinguishing feature: Forward-mounted machine guns, sweet tractor-trailer transport vehicle.
Strengths: Several special weapons, strength in numbers.
Weaknesses: Any vehicle more threatening than a Yugo.

Profile by Aaron Littleton? | March 12, 2010

The G-6155 Interceptor was a wonder of modern automotive engineering, and a failure of modern government bureaucracy. In a monumental oversight by all parties involved, the order to the manufacturer tasked to build the experimental CIA prototype mistakenly listed the 6155 model number as the number of vehicles to construct.

Working with a low-ball bid for the project anyway, a well-meaning mid-level supervisor saw the order and split the budget into 6155 equal parts of $47.50 per car. With so little money to create each unit, corners would have to be cut anywhere they could. In the end, with creative engineering and the luck of some timely Soviet Union weapons auctions, the Interceptor fleet was ready to roll.

The upside was that the project was completed on time and under budget; there had even been just enough money left over to toss an eight-track of the Peter Gunn theme into each vehicle. The down side was that each car was about as fragile as a newborn baby that had accidentally swallowed a vial of unstable nitroglycerin. They were so fragile, in fact, that a whole separate fleet of Interceptor transport trucks had to be created to safely drop the explosion-prone cars off in whatever hostile stretch of road they were to defend.

One super car would have been great, but with a fleet of substandard lemons policy would have to change. They would have to rely on strength in numbers, the strength of the pack. As each Interceptor was invariably mauled and mangled into a twisted smoking heap by the slightest of hazards, another would take its place—the battle would continue unabated.

Thus, the fleet was set to the streets to do battle with the villainous likes of Switchblade, the Enforcer, the Road Lord and the Mad Bomber. Easily outgunned by any of these opponents, another G-Series Interceptor was never far behind, their gleaming transport trucks zooming along the highway like a flock of angels. Or, perhaps, vultures.

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