First Appearance: Black Tiger (Capcom, ARC, 1987)
M.O.: Amass a hoard of zenny coins; befriend stone monolith heads
Known crimes: Plunging the world into darkness
Distinguishing features: Is, in fact, a black dragon.

Profile by Rene Decoste? | February 6, 2011

Now he shows his face
Shattered cuirass and mace
And though the fire demons burn
He returned...

Who has crushed the race of Man?
Hail the Black Dragon...
Now he eats your skin
You canít win

Gazed into the toothy maw!
Agog at what he saw
Hidden globules of phage
From a chthonic age

Join me now in death!
While life you tenously possess
This, my gift to thee...
Level 8 armour for 4800 zenny

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