First Appearance: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (Brøderbund, PC, 1985)
M.O.: Stealing anything; Also, stealing everything
Known crimes: Heists include Casablanca (entire city); the Chronoskimmer (ACME’s time machine); Cape of Good Hope

Profile by Wesley Fenlon? | March 28, 2011

ACME Detective Agency File: 00A1
Classification: Top Secret
Authorization Code: CISD

Suspect Profile:

Sex: Female.
Age: Unknown.
Height: Unknown.
Weight: Unknown.
Eye Color: Naturally Brown.
Hair Color: Naturally Brown.
Appearance: Typical attire consists of red trenchcoat and Fedora. Red high heels and stolen jewelry common.

Past Affiliations:
ACME Detective Agency, ace supersleuth

Current Affiliations:
Villains International League of Evil (V.I.L.E.), Leader

Suspect Bio:
Carmen Isabella Sandiego represents the greatest threat the ACME Detective Agency has ever faced. Recruited into the Agency at a young age, Carmen soon rose through the ranks to become ACME’s top-ranked investigator. This brilliant wunderkind surpassed even the most seasoned ACME detectives and quickly gained an immense grasp of history, geography and the socio-political makeup of countries across the globe.

It was that very skill that drove her away from this Agency. Carmen quickly found catching criminals a laughably easy chore. To her it was only a game, and the game had lost its spark. To enrich her existence with new challenge, Carmen turned to a life of crime, forming the Villains International League of Evil to exhibit her peerless knowledge of the world and criminal activity. Having successfully solved so many cases in her own ACME career, Carmen not only knew the locations of countless rare treasures, she was able to exploit the weaknesses of this agency and every other international security force.

To demonstrate her skill, Carmen often taunts our gumshoes with clues about her intended targets. This agency is uncertain how Carmen manages to steal some massive objects, such as the Khyber Pass and the Trans-Siberian Railroad. These investigations are ongoing. It appears that even large-scale theft itself holds little real appeal for Carmen—by our best estimations, she merely hides the treasures she steals rather than selling them for material gain. Each robbery is all about the thrill of the chase and the opportunity to flaunt her own intellect. While this trait has led to Carmen’s capture by ACME agents on numerous occasions, she always manages to escape incarceration, seemingly at her leisure.

Total Heists:
Unknown. Likely in the hundreds.

Case Status:
Open. Pursuit ongoing.

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