First Appearance: Forbidden Forest (Cosmi, C64, 1983)
M.O.: Striking in the darkness; Invisibility
Weaknesses: Well-placed arrows

Profile by Ben Langberg | February 23, 2011

Ah, welcome to the Forbidden Forest Game Ranch. You are, no doubt, tired of hunting conventional beasts, such as quail, deer or even wild bear. You wish a true challenge, with your very life on the line. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Here we are! Sign here and here. Press a little harder this time. As we explained in the brochure, you will be locked in the preserve overnight. Correct, no firearms are allowed, only a set of bow and arrows. And here. This gives us power of attorney, and this clears us of any wrongdoing, just in case.

Grand! Now that that’s all settled, let me go over some of our bestiary here at the Forbidden Forest. We have gigantic spiders, fire-breathing dragons, a plague of giant frogs (hmm, it seems like everything is super sized), undead warriors…

…but I can see you’re the sort of man interested in the brass ring itself, yes? Splendid! Then you’ll be hunting the Demogorgon.

While many assume the Demogorgon to be a creature of Greek legend, it actually first appeared in the 4th century A.D. in medieval Europe. Primordial in nature, mere sight of it has caused lesser men to go insane. Demonic and unholy, some call it “God of the Earth” and say mortals cannot slay it.

If you do encounter the vile beast, remember this. Unless there is a flash of lightning, the Demogorgon is nearly impossible to see. You’ll need to fire the arrow from your bow swiftly and aim where you anticipate your prey to be, then hope you strike right between the eyes. Very few have taken down this elusive creature in the history of our park, but…if you are successful, you’ll be immortalized on our wall of champions and receive our complementary and exclusive “I shot the Demogorgon” hoodie.

Now, if you’ll just walk this way, Daniel here will get you all set up in the armory…

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