First appearance: The Even More Incredible Machine (Sierra, PC, 1993)
Distinguishing features: A ravenous slurping noise when devouring a meal
M.O.: Injesting as many hapless boys as possible

Profile by Scott Lowe? | March 6, 2011

Ernie Alligator was born in captivity, at a small Florida animal park. His days were spent like any of the other gators in the park, sunning himself on the edge of the water and devouring whole chickens to the amusement of the park’s patrons. That is, until one day a young boy fell into the exhibit. Thinking it was some kind of special meal, Ernie didn’t hesitate and gobbled young Mel up in a single bite.

The local news was ablaze about the scandal at the park, with the the citizens of the small town clamoring for blood. Rather than meeting his end at the hands of a mob, however, the park’s owner quickly sold Ernie off to a notorious mad scientist. His life quickly took a turn for the weird.

The scientist was one of Rube Goldberg’s proteges, a man of few words and even fewer sense. The large airplane hangar he had repurposed as his lab was filled with a seeming mishmash of tools: boxing gloves, flashlights, ramps of all shapes and sizes, and even other live animals like cats and mice. To him, Ernie was just another building block in his insane scheme to build an even more incredible machine.

Rather than taking an active role in completing the scientist’s experiments as the old coot had hoped, Ernie was instead consistently botching the results. Not only did he devour as many of the experiments’ live animals he could get his jaws around, Ernie took to slurping up any and all of the young lab assistants stupid enough to approach him as well. Luckily he was paired up with a mad scientist, though -- his new owner found the situation to be as amusing as Ernie found his victims to be delicious.

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