M.O: Kidnapping princesses; Taking company with bats; Knocking you all down
First Appearance: Final Fantasy (Square/Nintendo, NES, 1990)
Weaknesses: Warriors of Light

Profile by Justin Hoeger? | March 15, 2011

O King,

The Royal Cornelian Investigatory Committee has uncovered certain facts that throw recent events concerning disgraced knight Garland and Princess Sarah into question.

The following pages contain several letters written by Sir Garland in the week leading to your majesty’s request of the Light Warriors to rescue the princess, and one more of special note. Item B was granted to us by Your Majesty; items A and C were found in the princess’ chambers.

The final letter was discovered in a sealed coffer beneath Cornelia Square during recent repairs to the waterworks of its fountain. It is unknown how the coffer arrived there, but the mages of our historarium estimate its age to be over 2,000 years old.



I am your father the king’s loyal warrior, but the land is peaceful and I am restive with no foe to fight. So I have conjured a wond’rous context for a prank—that I have succumbed to unseemly evil and kidnapped you!

You and I shall steal away to the ruins to the north. It is empty save for the odd bat and goblin -- the perfect hideaway for our little jest! I have already commissioned a suit of intimidating armour for the occasion.

Your loyal knight, Sir Garland


O King,

I tire of your pathetic rule and desire to rule Cornelia myself! I have kidnapped Princess Sarah, and will not return her until I sit on your throne!

Yours in contempt, Garland



I am writing from Cornelia Inn -- my disguise has allowed me to remain unnoticed. Your father is furious and the town is in an uproar!

I do so appreciate your participation in this endeavor. This has gone better than I had even hoped. I savor all this chaos as much as I will the look on the king’s face when we enter his presence and reveal our little farce.

I have heard rumors that a group of four adventurers will pay us a visit on the morrow to “rescue” you. They of course do not know this is all a jest—I must be careful not to hurt them, only to knock them down. I am sending this letter ahead, and will return before dawn.

Your loyal knight,
Sir Garland



Upon reflection our game was carried much too far. I nearly died facing the adventurers your father sent.

Be assured I am alive; I was saved from the abyss by powerful ancient forces. Why they chose me I do not know—they spoke of an exchange in time, and of crystals. I did not understand it all and it was not until after I agreed that I realized what had happened—that I indeed live on, but in the distant past, removed from all I know!

I will try to find a way back to my time, but in case that does not happen I will bury this note safely in the spot where I am certain Cornelia will be founded in the future. I hope someone will find it and take it to you. I am sorry it has come to this.

Your loyal knight,
Sir Garland

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