Aliases: Kimagure, Oikake, Machibuse, and Otoboke; Stylist, Urchin, Romp, and Crybaby; Bashful, Shadow, Speedy, and Pokey
First appearance: Pac-Man (Namco, ARC, 1980)
M.O.: Chasing Pac-Man according to their designating algorithm
Weaknesses: Energizers; Pattern recognition

Profile by Ben Langberg | March 29, 2011

It’s Inky and Blinky!
And Pinky, Clyde and Sue! They come in different colors
And they’re gonna get you!


They used to be monsters
But now they are but ghosts.
Blame the shoddy home port
Either way you’re toast!


Blinky is a chaser.
Inky is erratic.
Pinky likes to ambush,
And Clyde’s a nitwit!
Keep away from all of ’em
While chowing down on dots.
’Cept when you eat a pellet
It’s the ghosts that get caught!


Their colors are quite varied
Red and pink and orange and blue,
Clyde’s had sexual reassignment
He’s a former boy named Sue!


Blinky is a shadow.
Inky will surprise ya.
Pinky sure is speedy,
And Sue’s right behind ya!

It’s Blinky and Pinky!
And Inky, Sue and Clyde!
Make it to the end
And the screen will get fried!

(loud orchestral stinger)

(Lyrics for The Ghosts of Pac-Man get a Bad Rap, unused Tengen jingle circa 1989)

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