Aliases: Jaki-Oh, Jacques, Jackie O.
First apperance: Ninja Gaiden (Tecmo, NES, 1989)
M.O.: Trap doors; An attack pattern only Mensa elites could discern
Known Crimes: Resurrecting demons; Stealing gachapon; Breeding ninjas
Nature of demise: Cremation by way of Fire Wheel

Profile by Tomm Hulett? | April 2, 2011

Steve --

I’ve written out a rough edit script for the final segment. I went through most of the footage but of course couldn’t be as thorough as you in the time I had. If you find better moments or alternate shots, feel free to work your magic. I’ve got a thing this weekend with the CastleRock guys. Use this as a guideline for the rough cut, and we’ll touch base on Monday.

-- Foster


NARRATOR (V.O.): Welcome back to Undercover Lord and Master.

Cut to Limo interior as Ashtar approaches. Chyron reads: ASHTAR, EMPEROR OF DARKNESS. NARRATOR (V.O.): After a week supervising Jaquio’s on-the-job training, Ashtar thinks he’s here to rate Jaquio’s performance.

Ashtar getting out of the Limo -- use exterior camera footage so we can see his uncertainty when he arrives at the castle.

ASHTAR (V.O.): Jaquio tried hard, but fact of the matter is, he died. So I have to just tell them my honest opinion.

Inside the office, we see Ashtar enter and sit down. Spend some time watching him look around nervously. Crossfade to Jaquio, putting the final touches on his suit in the next room over.

CHYRON: Jaquio, Ultimate Big Bad.

NARRATOR (V.O.): But how will Ashtar react when Jaquio reveals that he’s not an entry-level Dark Lord... but the Wicked Demon King himself?

Dramatic Beat (important!)

Jaquio sits at the desk, opposite Ashtar. Ashtar meets his gaze, seemingly oblivious to his identity. Hold shot until we see it starting to dawn on him.

JAQUIO: Do you know who I am?

ASHTAR: (suspicious) You’re... Jaquio.

JAQUIO: You know me as Jaquio.

CLOSEUP to Ashtar’s face. Quick cut back to Jaquio.

JAQUIO: (cont) But my name is actually Guardia de Mieux -- Lord of the Chaos Tribe.

Return to CLOSEUP on Ashtar, eyes wide. He sits back in his chair, shaking his head in surprise.

ASHTAR (GRIN): Uh oh—you’re probably pretty mad at me.

They laugh.

FLASHBACK: Jaquio is trying to brainwash the elder Hayabusa as Ashtar supervises. The big red orb fades to a dull orange.

JAQUIO: That... that seems good enough, right? Cut to Interview (~00:45:22)

ASHTAR: I’ve seen a lot of brainwashing accidents. You don’t take the time up front, I mean... they’re going to break out of the spell and become your undoing. I’m not sure Jaq’s going to cut it.


JAQUIO: I really want to thank you. I learned a lot out there. Being here at headquarters, we don’t get a lot of time down in the trenches with hard-working employees like you. Honestly, its people like you that make the Chaos Tribe possible.

Quickly cut to Ashtar, speechless. Settle on shot of both of them at desk.

JAQUIO: One thing that really surprised me were the regulations for kidnapping. I didn’t realize how much those rules tie your hands down there.

ASHTAR: I mean... we do the best we can, but—

Cut to some B-Roll footage of the Irene scenes. Pulling her from Hayabusa, the trapdoor thing, etc.

JAQUIO (V.O.): All that red tape keeps you from having any real bargaining power. I’d kidnapped Irene, but if I can’t kill her? How threatened is Ryu really going to feel? It was only a matter of time until he climbed back out and rescued her. As a Tribe, we can do better. I need us all to do better.

Cut back: Ashtar nods.

JAQUIO: So here’s what I want to do. I want to throw out the book—start over with new guidelines that empower our guys to get the job done... and I want you to write it.

Ashtar struggles for words. He places his hand to his steely mask to hold back his emotions.

JAQUIO: But that’s not all. You really stressed to me how important it was to have generals you can trust. I feel like the Malice Four really let us down.

Cross-fade to more B Roll of Barbarian/Bomberhead/et al. being defeated.

JAQUIO (V.O.): You mentioned more varied attack patterns, special powers, and a lot of other ideas that could beef up our lower bosses. So I’m going to give you the funding you need to hire new, better bosses to serve as your personal generals.

ASHTAR: Nobody’s... ever done anything like that for me before.

Tears of blood stream down Ashtar’s mask. He looks down to hide it.

ASHTAR: (cont.) I won’t let you down.

Jaquio hands tissues across the desk and gives Ashtar a moment.

JAQUIO: Meaning no more generic-breed Cerberus sentries, right?

He chuckles. Ashtar grins and nods in spite of himself.

JAQUIO: Now... we also talked about your older brother.

Ashtar nods, sullen again. Cut to:

FLASHBACK: The two eat on their lunch break. Ashtar is hiding some emotion, but is starting to lower his defenses.

ASHTAR: He meant the world to me. Saki... he’s why I’m doing this. I have to believe justice can be served.


JAQUIO: Hearing what those turtles did really broke my heart. It’s no wonder you hate ninjas. The last thing I want to give you today is the Dark Sword of Chaos. With it, I hope you can finally get vengeance for your brother, and usher in an era of torment.

Jaquio stands, Ashtar follows suit.

ASHTAR (V.O. – take from the Interview reel, 03:17:31): He expects big things from me. That’s what the Chaos Tribe is about though, right?

The two shake hands, which turns into a professional hug.

ASHTAR (V.O. – cont.): It’s reassuring just to be noticed; to know someone up top is willing to try and rule the world like one of us.

I feel like the Chaos Tribe is an organization with a lot of growth potential. Maybe one day I’ll be sitting in his chair.

Cut to Jaquio’s final statement.

JAQUIO: I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I learned a ton from Ashtar, and now it’s my job as the big guy to make life better for him, and all the other bosses like him. Our demon kings need to have a stake in the future of this Tribe. If we’re going to survive, there needs to be some real changes—I think we can start by doing something about that Ninja Dragon. Fade to black.

CHYRON: In the weeks since...

Fade in to B-Roll footage.

CHYRON: Ashtar received additional funding and hand-picked his crew of genetically-enhanced freaks.

CHYRON: Jaquio put additional research into the proper ways to safely resurrect an ancient demon.

CHYRON: Ryu Hayabusa showed up and, with help from Irene Lew, defeated them both and eradicated the Chaos Tribe for all time.

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