First appearance: Tetris (Alexei Pajitnov, Elektronika-60, 1984)
Distinguishing features: Twisted versions of our hero, I Block
Strengths: They hold all the cards
Weaknesses: None

Profile by Tomm Hulett? | February 12, 2011

Presenting Russian Game Boy Chip-Hop Superstars ďS SiZZleĒ and their #1 single sweeping the Motherland: ďTetris Theme B-tchĒ!

The nameís S Block, and I obfuscate;
I infuriate;
My towerís tall it will never fall --
Just go home, G.
Thatís E and F and G-A-P;
Too late to see
Itís too late to try, towerís way highólike up in smoke.

Just donít choke.

Yo, did you expect just to sit down and chillax?
Well, letís see you try walled in by these fat stacks.

Looks like you almost had a Tetris! Iím sorry if this is too hectic. Maybe just leave this try for another. Iím sure the next few blocks will solve it. Just leave it be and you can come back to fix things another day.

Whoíz in da houze? Itís big block Z
Yeah you know me;
You think Iíll fit, you donít know zhit -- itís much too late.
You canít be zaved by a rotate;
Zo go on and hate
Zpin tilí youíre blue, might as well zniff glue -- itís over zon.

Thiz game iz done.

Zee, Iím just az bad az my brother; maybe worze.
Cuz I zcrew your game the zame, but in reverze.

Twist me and turn I think Iíll fit there. Oops nevermind Iíd need to be square. Maybe that one, no Iím not an L-block or thatíd work. But then without a T, youíll still have a big gap in the floor you can never fill.
(Zounds like your zhit just went through the roof!)

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