First Appearance: Sinistar (Williams, ARC, 1982)
Distinguishing features: Booming voice; Skull-like countenance
Weaknesses: Sinisite-based Sinibombs

Profile by Jeremy Parish? | March 28, 2011

The Sinistar is not evil, nor is it a villain. It is a primeval force of nature, a being of pure destructive power that exists only to balance the predations of interlopers into Sinisite space. If miners did not try to loot the rich mineral content of the Sinisite system, the Sinistar could never exist; but they do, and it does.

The Sinistar is a creation of the Sinisite populace, designed as a defensive measure against the intrusion of space miners who sought to plunder their worlds of energy-rich minerals. A Sinistar can only be built from the Sinisite crystals broken free of their planetoids by miners, and it can only be destroyed by Sinibombs built from those same crystals.

If miners never came for Sinisite crystals, Sinistar would never need to be created; but they do, and in doing so unloose the very materials that give shape to the construct designed to put an end to their intrusion. Itís circular, eternal, and self-sustaining.

And yet, perhaps this cycle isnít as avoidable as it might seem. Some say Sinistar is not a creation of the Sinisites, but rather a simple vessel for an entity beyond time and space -- perhaps an eldtrich abomination, or simply an elemental force. It hungers; it lives; it relishes destruction and chaos. The Sinisites, it seems, merely gave it form.

The Sinistar is not evil, nor is it a villain. But its incarnation is a threat greater than any other in the galaxy; its appetite is insatiable, its power unstoppable. From Sinisite it is born, and by Sinisite it is unmade. Would Sinistar continue to feed beyond the confines of the Sinisite system, where none had the key to end its predations? Pray the galaxy never has to find out.

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