M.O.: Build secret bases; Destroy planets
Distinguishing features: Unknown
First Appearance: Yar’s Revenge (Atari, VCS, 1981)
Known crimes: Destruction of Planet IV
Weaknesses: The Zorlon Cannon

Profile by Ben Langberg | March 31, 2011

The Quotile are the mysterious and inscrutable enemy of the Yars -- a highly intelligent insectoid lifeform descended from Terran houseflies. While the Quotile attacked and reduced Planet IV of the Razak solar system into radioactive debris, decisively declaring war on the Yars, no one has actually seen what they look like. Nor is their motive for war remotely clear. Do they merely seek imperial conquest, or do they have a prior claim on the Razak system? Beyond the ominous radio broadcast of “We are the Quotile, leave this system or be destroyed.” There is no other communication with the Quotile on record.

The little that is known about the Quotile involves their military arsenal. Spy reports suggest initial developments of a “star castle” orbiting space platform were scrapped for a land base on Planet Epp. Protected by an energy shield comprised of cosmic cells, the base is able to launch missiles at will. Worse still, with proper charging, the base can shoot a deadly energy beam known only as “the Swirl.”

The only way to destroy the base is to create a breach in the Quotile’s energy shield followed by a precise shot from the Yars’ Zorlon Cannon. If that weren’t challenging enough, the tracking system to the Yars’ cannon was never completed, requiring a Yar Warrior to aim the cannon manually via GPS by essentially flying right into the enemy’s crosshairs at point blank range.

While the Yars have been successful in demolishing bases on Planet Epp, the Quotile always seem to have another base near completion, ready to continue the fight. Unless some other solution presents itself, it would appear that the Yars and the Quotile are at an impasse and that the Razak system faces a war without end. Or was it the Kazar system?

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