First appearance: Clash at Demonhead (Vic Tokai, NES, 1990)
M.O.: Directing minions from behind the scenes
Weaknesses: Demons

Profile by Nich Maragos? | March 18, 2011

Dear Die-ary,

The abduction of Professor Plum at revolver-point from his study went off without a hitch. My minions tell me that Agent Blitz has already been dispatched to recover him, but I anticipated some sort of response, and have already placed the Governors in his path to block any sort of operation they might mount. Soon, the Doomsday Bomb will be ours, and the world will tremble at our might!

Was feeling so good about the success of our plans that I decided to go out to Route 1 to taunt Agent Blitz personally. I may have inadvertently let slip the location of my home base here on Route 33, but no matter. According to Bopper, the pitiful fool has already gotten sidetracked by a kidnapping plot the Lawbreakers werenít even involved in. All the while, work on the Doomsday Bomb proceeds apace. Itís almost too easy...

Blast! No wonder everything seemed to be going so well. Agent Blitz and his stumbling around was only the feint masking the real incursion from Agent Joe. As soon as I heard he was involved, die-ary, you can be assured that I wasted no time in traveling out to Route 32 to deal with him personally.

Thereís no chance he could have survived the fall from that clifftop, so with that out of the way, itís back to shoring up our defenses elsewhere. Speaking of which, that nimrod Pandar has been begging to let him prove his worth with some rigamarole about a doppelganger of Agent Blitzís girlfriend. Itís all so tedious that I gave him the go-ahead just to get him out of my lair, but heís deluding himself if he thinks Iíll ever trust the imbecile with a Medallion.

I donít understand whatís going wrong, but somehow their diversionary tactic is actually making headway against the Governors. Gazh and Mush are both toast, so heís got two Medallions, and my spies along Route 6 say that heís been training with that bothersome Hermit who lives in the area. Well, no matter. Even if he does trounce the rest of the Governors, heíll still need my own Medallion if he hopes to stop the Doomsday Bomb, and he canít possibly hope to defeat

Sorry, had to step away for a moment there. Iíll have to cut this entry short, die-ary, since one of my minions is here telling me something about a demon. Iíd better go see about thisóI canít afford more X factors interfering with the operation. Hope Agent Blitz doesnít show up while Iím out... Iíd sincerely hate to miss him. If that minion hasnít gone far, maybe I can get him to stay here and deliver a message for me.

Iím back, and I still have no inkling of what this business with the demon was about. The troops are getting spooked, seeing terror in every shadow. Well, Iíll be putting a stop to that once Blitz arrives. Once heís dead, nothing can stop us! The Lawbreakers are forever! Hail the Boss!

Oh, I hear something outside. I think heís here. Iíll be right back with an account of my crushing victory. Heh heh heh...

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