M.O.: Wait no I didnít mean to put it there I wanted it there oh dammit what the hell
First appearance: Tetris (Alexei Pajitnov, Elektronika-60, 1984)
Likes: Blocks; Silently judging you
Dislikes: You; High score videos on YouTube

Profile by Alex Reo? | March 20, 2011

1 Line Cleared:
So thatís where youíre putting it? Okay, if thatís what you want...

6 Lines Cleared:
Not what I wouldíve done.

8 Lines Cleared:
Hmm, not bad. Thatís okay. Iíve got all day. You donít.

14 Lines Cleared:
Going a bit faster now, arenít we? I wonder how long you can keep up...?

18 Lines Cleared:
Really? Really, thatís what youíre going to do with that. I give you a gem and you turn it into a turd.

24 Lines Cleared:
Youíve got even less time to maneuver now. Oh, but youíve gotten out of this kind of jam before, havenít you?

27 Lines Cleared:
Ha! Are you even trying anymore?

32 Lines Cleared:
Hmmph, a minor setback. Iíll be waiting.

35 Lines Cleared:
Bwahahaha! Oooh maaaan, I canít believe you just did that!

39 Lines Cleared:
Oh, you are in trouble now! You can feel it, canít you? You can smell your failure in the air, canít you?!

45 Lines Cleared:
Come on. You know itís coming. We both know. Just hold down. End it now, rather than struggle against the inevitable.

46 Lines Cleared:
Oh, and make no mistake! It is inevitable. I will win.

53 Lines Cleared:
You know Iím going to win. You can at least take yourself out on your own terms.

59 Lines Cleared:
Not gonna do it, huh? Gonna keep struggling until the pitiful end?

63 Lines Cleared:
Really now, just where do you think youíre gonna fit that square block? Thereís no time! They just keep getting faster and faster and faster and...

68 Lines Cleared:
Thereís hardly any space now. What will you do? Why do you keep fighting?! I can give you a clean slate...you can start over again! You know what you need to do.

71 Lines Cleared:
Yes, yes, thatís it! Youíre almost there now! Just keep going. Itíll all be over soon I promise.

73 Lines Cleared:
You should never have tried. I always win. You can delay my victory, but you can never really win. You know that. And yet you keep trying. Your dedication is admirable, but ultimately pointless. See you again soon, chump.
Doo-doo doo-doo doody do doo-doo

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