First appearance: Life Force (Konami, NES, 1988)
Standard equipment: Red orb in the center of a living planet
M.O.: Pulling a Unicron

Profile by Rene Decoste? | February 2, 2011

The Bacterian are scattered
Their Master is vanquished
I am the living world
I cannot be banished
The comsos is a buffet
And Iím f***ing famished

I lead the cycloptic brain
Into battle
And slay the Gradians
Rendered like cattle!
Iím consuming you
Itís where you belong
Your entire race
The devoured throng

James Burton pilots the Viper,
Lord British destroyed by amoebic spore
Behold the flagitious Moai,
Constructs created for war!

Intestinal prominence,
The phenomenon not restricted
To the stars
Send forth a host
Of phoenix and flame
Your horizon fills
With the dragon czar
Lame ripple beam
Fails to maim

Slaughter, the cosmos scrubbed clean
Powerólike none that Iíd seen
ZELOS FORCEóobliteration super
Burtonís brain beaten to a stupor
Cellular walls always spilling
The skull beast Giga always killing
Your craft is blown out of space
King Tut head somewhat out of place

I am the living world
This is how I wage war
Not happy with just digesting your species
Your planet is clove to the core
Shoot the core!

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