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List compiled by reibeatall and Sarcasmorator | Imports by parish, courtesy of NCS | Posted September 1st, 2008

Game of the Week

Electronic Arts| PC | SimEverything
This doesn't happen often, but we're actually listing a PC game, and not only are we including it, we're making it Game of the Week.

For those who have somehow missed any Spore coverage from the past three years, I'll give you a brief explanation: Spore is the best PC game ever and is totally worth every penny, because you can make these awesome little monsters and they can have babies and then you can make civilizations and then move into space and blow up other planets; furthermore, Will Wright is brilliant.

Also In Stores This Week

EA Freestyle | Xbox 360, Playstation 3 | Craaaaazy Boxing
Tired of having the most realistic, most playable, most bestest boxing game on the market, EA has decided to make the most crazy zany boxing game as well. Holy crap guys, you can punch people in the face and distort it. That's so cool. And you can also put your own face into the game so that it can be punched and distorted as well.

Infinite Undiscovery
Tri-Ace/Square Enix | Xbox 360 | Action RPG
Square's trying something new, and I can't fault them for it, but did they really have to release Infinite Undiscovery a week after Tales of Vesperia? I mean, they essentially have the same "ohh turn based RPGs are boring" outlook on combat, and in fact both are basically descendants (one direct, the other indirect) of Tales of Phantasia. Really, I think one is enough of those for the time being.

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
Rare | Xbox 360 | Gardening for Fun
If you never played Viva Pinata, you're missing out on delicious, candy-filled fun. If you didn't like Viva Pinata, I'm sorry, but you are a monster of moral emptiness. Viva Pinata was a surprisingly deep and intensely addicting game, one that more people really should have played. Trouble in Paradise is basically Viva Pinata 1.5, meaning it includes everything old along with some new stuff, but not enough to call it Viva Pinata 2. Just whatever you do, don't let your Whirlm get eaten by a Fudgehog. I still feel the pain of my loss.

Downloadable Contentment: This Week in DLC

WiiWare: My Aquarium
Hudson Soft | Wii | Owning Fish: The Game
Here you care for and customize an aquarium full of fish in this virtual-pet game. I'd rather just get real fish, but if you're the sort who wants to own fish that aren't actually there, then this is probably the way to do it! It's not like they're any less cuddly than non-virtual fish, anyway. And less likely to die of ick.

VC: Clu Clu Land
Nintendo | NES via Wii | Get a clu
Clu Clu Land casts the player as a little fish trying to uncover gold ingots in a series of puzzle-like stages. Each levels features posts you can grab onto and swing around -- in fact, this is the only way to change direction other than smacking into a wall. Another fact: if you own Animal Crossing, you already have this game. Keep digging.

VC: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Nintendo | SNES via Wii | See title for genre
This is the one SNES-era Squaresoft game I didn't get a chance to buy. And now it's on the Wii for the usual Super NES price. Problem solved! Super Mario RPG is more or less the precursor to the modern-day Superstar Saga games, but with an isometric perspective and Donkey Kong Country-style pre-rendered sprites.

XBLA: Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball
Gamecock | Xbox 360 | Internet memes with a game
You're all familiar with the pirates vs. ninjas thing, I'm sure, because it's friggin' hackneyed at this point. Even so, someone is banking on you not being sick of this meme yet with Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball. Each side has its own thematically consistent special abilities, and there are also Zombie and Robot teams to choose from. No Monkeys to pitch against the Robots, though; what kind of meme-mongers made this game, anyway?

XBLA: Shred Nebula
CrunchTime Games | Xbox 360 | Space shooter
A space-based overhead shooter that doesn't clone Geometry Wars? Indeed! Instead this one's being likened to Asteroids, because you can only fire in the direction your little ship is facing. And you're not tied to one craft; there are numerous nuclear wessels to choose from. No telling how good it'll be, but that's what demos are for, no?

Talk about how crappy these games are!