Games | Weekly Game Releases | Blog | Week of September 23, 2008: Forgot to mention it last week, but Mega Man 9 was also released on PSN, and this week it hits XBLA. So after Wednesday you have no excuses for not owning it.

List compiled by reibeatall and Sarcasmorator | Posted September 30th, 2008

Game of the Week

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Some pretty decent games are out this week, but coming so soon after Mega Man 9 nothing else seems up to par.

Also In Stores This Week

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
Natsume | Nintendo Wii | Farming action
There's not really a whole lot more that can be said about Harvest Moon at this point. Natsume has a game about farming and making babies that ends up being ever so slightly changed each year, and it continues to sell like crazy. This version's "innovation" is Wii motion controls, so you can actually hoe your dirt! (No word on whether the motion controls factor into the baby-making as well.)

Silent Hill: Homecoming
Konami | Xbox 360, Playstation 3 | Survival Horror
The first console Silent Hill developed by a western studio (Silent Hill: Origin was a handheld title, children) finally arrives. It looks pretty creepy, guys! And it has some sort of real-time world switching and generally seems like it's going to be really good. Screenshots don't show the important part, though. (That's gameplay, in case you didn't know.)

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Bioware/SEGA | Nintendo DS | RPG Lite
The best way I can explain this is in SAT terms: Mario is to Super Mario RPG as Sonic is to Sonic Chronicles. It seems to be racking up fairly good reviews, which honestly blows my mind; but then again, it is made by Bioware, not Sonic Team or Traveler's Tales or whatever. Over on Talking Time, Locit said, "Sonic Team is the problem with the Sonic series," and it seems like that's proving true. So then...who's excited for Sonic Unleashed? Can I hear a hell yeah?

We Cheer
Namco Bandai | Nintendo Wii | Super Fun!
This game is like, super sweet and, like, soooo much fun. You get to, like, wave your hands around to tons of pop songs redone for girls! Sweet! Like, rilly! Oh em gee!!

Downloadable Contentment: This Week in DLC

WiiWare: Art Style: ORBIENT
Nintendo | Wii | Puzzle
Use gravity and repulsion to maneuver a star through numerous stages in this intriguing puzzler. You can absorb other stars to change your attributes, but don't run into obstacles or get pulled into a black hole along the way.

WiiWare: Bomberman Blast
Hudson Soft | Wii | Bomberman
A battle-mode only version of the full game being developed for the Wii, Bomberman Blast looks like it should appeal to those who like paying for incomplete chunks of games instead of the whole thing, then picking up the finished product later. People who bought Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, for example.

VC: Super Turrican 2
Factor 5 | SNES via Wii | Side-scrolling action
Does more Turrican sound like something you want? I know it sounds like something I want. So here it is. Go get it. Enjoy.

XBLA: War World
Third Wave Games | Xbox 360 | Fightin' robots
You like makin' robots fight, don't you? Sure ya do. Everyone does. That's what this game is about, and assuming it plays OK, War World sounds like a good deal for your 800 MS Points, with dozens of single-player levels and several multiplayer modes in the package. Looks pretty good, too.

PSN: WipEout HD
Sony | PS3 | Future racing
If you've played any WipEout games, you're already either excited for this one. Or, uh, you're not. If you've played none of them, it's definitely worth a look. Think of it as Sony's answer to F-Zero minus the dumb-looking characters and you wouldn't be far off.

PSN/XBLA: Geon: Emotions
Pinnacle Software | PS3/Xbox 360 | Arcade action
In Geon: Emotions you move a little emotion-themed avatar around a grid trying to score goals against an opponent, but first you have to pick up enough pellets to charge the icon, like in Pac-Man. Check out the demo first, is my advice.

Talk about how crappy these games are!