Games | Weekly Game Releases | Blog | Week of October 7, 2008: So here's what's coming out this week. Nothing too exciting. Aside from the games below are three basketball games new this week: NBA 2K9 (360/PS3, 2K Sports) NBA Live 09 (360/PS3, EA Sports) and NBA 09 The Inside (PS3, Sony). Take your pick; I can't tell the difference.

List compiled by reibeatall and Sarcasmorator | Posted October 7th, 2008

Game of the Week

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This week's selections aren't bad, but there's nothing that stands out enough to work its way into this hallowed spot. And so it waits for a worthy title. Maybe next week!

Also In Stores This Week

LucasArts | Xbox 360/PS3 | Earth-shaking action
Did you just feel the Earth move? If you did it might be because you're playing Fracture, ah-haha-hah, ah-hah. Another of LucasArts' new games built around advanced physics engines, Fracture takes advantage of them by letting you cause the ground to bulge and sink, thus creating cover or spoiling the landscape for enemy Pacificans -- genetically altered west coasters, to you.

The game features some neat weapons, like a rocket that travels underground and grenades that create rock spires where they fall. On the other hand, the hero's name is Jet and and LucasArts' output is a bit shaky these days. On the other other hand, the developers are the same folks who brought us the totally awesome MechAssault games in the last generation.

Kage Densetsu: The Legend of Kage 2
Taito | DS | Arcade ninja action
A sequel to the way-old and way-not-great NES action (and arcade) game. It uses both the DS's screens for an extended vertical playing field. The game looks pretty standard side-scrolling action, which could be a good thing if it's been done right. Which the original wasn't.

Midnight Club: L.A. Remix
Rockstar | PSP | Street racing
Rockstar's street racing series has been shrunken down for the PSP, which has been a new-release wasteland for months. It's like regular racing except there's NO RULES, MAN!!! Also, the cops chase you.

Guilty Gear 2: Overture
Arc System Works | Xbox 360 | 2-D fighter turned 3-D brawler
Guilty Gear in 3D, eh? Well all right, if you say so. I'm not sure what to make of this one -- on one hand, yeah, it's GG. On the other hand, uh, it's 3D. That's not exactly a peanut butter-and-chocolate mixture. Sounds more like pickles and strawberry Quik. Plus, the list of fighters that have made the jump into the hypothetical third dimension without losing what made the great to begin with is depressingly sparse, and the number of those that have jumped genres and been at all worthy is even sparser. But hey, maybe this one will be a nice surprise. (Don't count on it, though.)

Downloadable Contentment: This Week in DLC

XBLA: Tenchu: Shadow Assault
From Software | xbox 360 | Bomberman clone?
Sneaky ninja series Tenchu lives again in this... Bomberman-derived party game? Yeah, looks like it -- four players, traps, overhead view, the works. From, you so crazy.

VC: Shining Force II
Sega | Genesis via Wii | Turn-based tactics
The Shining Force games are a lot like the Fire Emblem games, only not nearly as hard. As in, your soldiers don't die forever if you let them take a fatal pounding. Also, you're not locked in to a proscribed series of battles -- you can explore the world and return to places you've been, if you wish.

VC: Mario Golf
Nintendo | N64 via Wii | Golf
There have been several Mario Golf games since this one, so there are newer, shinier choices available. But if you have nostalgia for chunky, fuzzy N64 graphics, then this might be the download for you!

WiiWare: Midnight Bowling
Gameloft | Wii | Bowling
In this game, you are the Midnight Bowler What Bowls at Midnight! Sorry. I'll spare you my dumb jokes.

Whoops, another strike against me.


WiiWare: Mad Stone
Riverman Media | Wii | Puzzle
In this puzzle game you have to get your elemental stone to the bottom of the screen by strategically breaking the blocks below it. Apparently it's pretty much just a Puzzle League rip-off.

Talk about how crappy these games are!