As seen in: The Legend of Kage (Arcade)
Also in: The Legend of Kage II (DS)
Distinguishing feature: Ninjas can't been seen.
Strengths: Jumping high and throwing ninja stars.
Weaknesses: Sometimes canít stop jumping.

Profile by Anthony Rogers? | January 27, 2011

Growing up on the mean streets of Japan during the end of the Edo Period, Kage had learned how to take care of himself through necessity. Shortly after getting accepted into the Ninja School of Ninjiry on a scholarship, Kage was banished for starting fights and running left circles around his opponenents. Downtrodden, Kage began wandering the land in search of work to sharpen his ninja skills.

One day, the princess Kiri was kidnapped right in front of him, and Kage leapt into action. After killing hundreds of mystical villians, Kage rescued the princess, but before he could accept his reward, he vanished. He reappeared twenty-two years later when the Princess Kiri got kidnapped again.

Rumor has it, however, he will appear from the shadows to slit the throat of any impudent fool who calls him "Cage." But in these modern times, no one believes such nonsense, right?

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