As seen in: Shao-Lin's Road (Arcade)
Also in: Kicker (U.S. Arcade)
Distinguishing feature: Chuck Norris outfit.
Strengths: Can you believe it? Kicking.
Weaknesses: Every part of his body besides his feet; ledges.

Profile by David Goldberg? | January 27, 2011

Shao-Lin's Road is pretty much the embodiment of '80s martial arts movies. It is set in stereotypical oriental temples and mountain villages. The main character, known as Kicker, is a guy beset on all sides by identical-looking ninjas and thugs. Every so often, the leader of the toughs appears, throws out some insults, and waits to be pummeled. And, of course, the main character can kill with his feet.

There's probably nothing more satisfying than taking down a foe with a blow to the midsection. Kicker feels a simple joy each time he hears the thwack of his foot ending someone's life. Every so often, he likes to mix it up by acquiring some Shao-Lin magic power and attacking from a distance. Quickly, though, he gets bored of that and goes back to his feet. After dispatching a room full of foes, he is known to flex his muscles and yell, "GUTS!" No one is quite sure why.

The arcade flyers mention something about Kicker being in a desperate fight to escape the temple of the evil mandarin or a bunch of triads. But let's face it, no one watches martial art movies for their plot. In the same way, you shouldn't care about Kicker's motivation. All you need to know is that he has lethal feet and isn't afraid to use them.

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