As seen in: Wizards & Warriors (NES)
Also in: Wizards & Warriors X: The Fortress of Fear (Game Boy)
Distinguishing feature: Looks curiously familiar.
Strengths: Jumps like crazy.
Weaknesses: Can't believe it's not butter.

Profile by Jeremy Parish? | January 27, 2011

Legends tell of the terror of the dark wizard Malkil, who ravaged the people of Europe centuries ago with his black spells and even blacker ambitions. Even death couldn't stay Malkil's hand; twice upon his defeat, he mustered the power to revive and plague the land again. It was only upon his final encounter with the warrior Kuros that Malkil was finally undone -- the irony being that it was Malkil's own scheming that unmade him.

Frustrated by Kuros' constant interference into his schemes, Malkil developed a cunning plan. Upon his next encounter with the relentless warrior, the wizard would use his dying power to fling his nemesis into a time warp, thus ridding himself of a troublesome nuisance. Despite Kuros' occasional dabbling in the arcane arts, the ability to reverse the time-travel spell was far beyond the ken of a man who had dedicated most of his life to the art of war rather than the centuries of black magic necessary to twist the fabric of time.

What Malkil failed to appreciate was that such a powerful spell would require all the power of even a practiced dark wizard such as himself. As Malkil lay dying again, the time-travel spell began to wind together, and the mage suddenly realized that it would drain him of the totality of his own essence. In ridding himself of his ultimate foe, Malkil also ensured his own eternal destruction.

As for Kuros, he was never seen again… or was he? While Kuros was known far and wide for his standard uniform of full plate-mail, certain illuminated manuscripts from his times are reputed to have revealed his true face -- a face bearing a striking resemblance to modern-day male model Fabio. Could it be that Kuros fell forward in time to the 20th century and took up a career as a romance novel cover model? Only Kuros himself knows for sure -- and Fabio isn't talking. Well, not intelligibly, anyway.

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