Games | Microsoft Xbox 360: Let's not pretend that the Xbox was anything but a big mess. It had some good games, sure, but it was also a clunker of a console that would have been doomed without Bungie's merciful intervention. The 360, though, is shaping up to be a startlingly good system, with tons of excellent games... assuming you don't mind its epic hardware failure rate.

Assassin's Creed: You can't spell Assassin's Creed without "Crassness aside" as in "Enough with the ass jokes."

Braid: Is Indy Street Cred worth the 400 extra Microsoft Points?

Crackdown: It's addictive! Like crack HUR HUR GEDDIT

Gears of War: Frat-Boys in Space? You decide.

Geometry Wars: You don't die every five seconds in this game because it's impossibly hard. It's because you suck.

Mass Effect: Quick! Play it before they figure out it's porn and take it away!