Games | Arcade: Who killed the arcade? 2D Fighters? Dance Dance Revolutionaries? The Dreamcast port of Soul Calibur? Big cabinets taking up too much floor space? GameWorks? Or, in the end, was it ourselves?

PS: It was Kristin Shepard

Gradius III: From Legend to Myth: Shoot'em-up fans have been abused by this game in obscurity for years. Now, in a GameSpite Exclusive, their tragic tale finally comes to light.

Marvel Super Heroes: That brief moment when Capcom found itself poised between the depth of DarkStalkers and the hyperactive stupidity of the Vs. games. That brief moment where all was well.

Ms. Pac-Man: A great game deserves better than a lousy personal anecdote, but that's all we can offer.

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future: The best Darkstalkers JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Street Fighter game ever!