Games | Sega Genesis: If this site served a different niche we'd either be cataloging Sonic games or rhapsodizing about EA Sports titles. Alas, we'll probably just neglect this page. Sorry.

Contra: Hard Corps: Please don't mispronounce the title of this game.

Gunstar Heroes: Treasure's first game and arguably their best, before they got all silly.

Rocket Knight Adventures: Strap on your 'possum ears and save the world.

Sega CD: An add-on device for the Sega Genesis that failed miserably to keep Sega on top of the gaming world.

Snatcher: You are Gillian Seed. Neo Kobe City and the world are relying on you to kick some bioroid junk. Along the way you'll attempt to grab some pizza, re-align some tires, boot some disks, and grease some baking dishes.

Sonic CD: Help! I'm stuck in the past, because I ran really fast. Or as Saruman once said: "Time. What time do you think we have?"