Games | Nintendo 64: The N64 was a never-ending cavalcade of joy and merriment. Assuming you bought only two games a year.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: We need more Zelda games that can be succinctly summed up by referencing Bill Murray films. Upcoming: Link and Zelda battle ennui in modern-day Tokyo.

Paper Mario: Welcome to the new millennium, where the best Mario games are the weird spin-offs.

Super Mario 64: Remember when Mario was innovative and important? Me too. Great times...ten years ago.

Three-Player Moo Moo Farm: Or as some people insist on calling it, Mario Kart 64.

Wetrix: British water torture never felt so good.

Nintendo 64 -- 10 Years of :(: The upside to this merciless (but deserved) retrospective is that Nintendo's 64-bit era is well in the past. It can't hurt you now.

Nintendo 64 Redux: Although, kind heart that he is, Parish couldn't resist returning to make his peace with the machine anyway. That, or he wanted fanboys to stop messaging him in defense of the greatest console ever to come in black, red, or Pikachu.