Games | Nintendo DS: We all laughed at the DS when it first arrived -- yes, all of us. Even you. It's OK to admit; it sounded like a total abomination of a system. Two screens, touch-sensitivity? How desperate Nintendo must have been to counteract the PSP?, we scoffed! Then it conquered the planet and put us to work mining copper to make game card contacts. Who's laughing now?

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice: The franchise continues with some new characters and new mechanics.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia: The Metroidvania formula fills itself out by borrowing some structure from Castlevania II and playing with a new weapon and magic system.

Contra 4: The developers of this game can consider themselves heroes.

Dragon Quest IV: It's new! It's retro! It's apparently a lot snappier than certain other DS remakes of venerable RPG franchises we could name.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Only a heartless monster could have an OBJECTION! to this game.

The World Ends with You: Everybody should love an RPG based around two guys shopping in Shibuya for the latest and greatest fashion. It's uplifting!