Games | Sony PlayStation: Perhaps without meaning to, Sony saved gaming from itself. In a time when games were becoming ever more expensive while struggling to be taken seriously by an aging audience, the PS1 strode into a bloody console war and emerged a victor due to some very tactical decisions.

Breath of Fire III: Possibly the only time in history a game involving dragons is dead boring.

Breath of Fire IV: Gets more right than III, but fails due to being released in the PS1's death throes in America.

Brave Fencer Musashi: Do heart and humor make up for occasionally janky gameplay? Bobservo says yes, and for this game's sake we all hope he's right.

Final Fantasy VII: Damn Shinra and their fanboy factory, sucking the lifeblood from our planet!

Final Fantasy VII: The Voice of the Planet: The old arguments are dyin', Cloud!

The Granstream Saga: Nothing sadder than watching a brilliant legacy being defiled with an unworthy successor. But hey! Polygons!

Mega Man Complete Works: Thirty dollars apiece for all six Mega Man games? 32-bit retro standards sucked.

Mega Man X5: A flawed but well-meaning X.

Mega Man X6: The worst thing Capcom has ever done? Quite possibly!

Mr Driller: Superlative arcade-puzzle gameplay; horribly childish aesthetics.

Namco Museum Encore: A sixth Namco Museum might have seemed a bit like overkill, except for the fact that it had Rolling Thunder. And that made it wholly necessary.

Star Ocean: The Second Story: An JRPG with a ground-breaking, innovative battle system! Sort of. Maybe. Perhaps kinda.

Strider 1 & 2: Two cool Capcom platformers, presented stride by stride. Sorry, that was terrible.

Um Jammer Lammy: What's more awesome than a rapping puppy? A thrash-happy grrrl-rocker...who is also a lamb.