As seen in: Fantasy Zone (Arcade)
Also in: Fantasy Zone 2: The Tears of Opa-Opa (Master System)
Distinguishing feature: A red egg shaped spaceship with wings and feet... kind of hard to miss.
Strengths: Genocide, patricide, jerking back and forth fast enough to lose the cameraman.
Weaknesses: Pretty much anything: turtles, leaves, a stiff breeze....

Profile by Jake Alley? | January 23, 2011

Day 1
Having embarked on our expedition to the Fantasy Zone in search of the legendary hero Opa-Opa, we now make our first base camp in a lush pastoral field, full of flowers and what appear to be some sort of pigmy elephants. This looks like it will be one of our more relaxing field reports to date.

Day 2
Dead! They're all dead! The little baby elephants ripped Jenkins to shreds! Then Morris was taken out by... it looked like a swarm of marshmellow peeps! What is wrong with this horrible place? I just barely got away from some sort of... flying lasagna, or maybe it was a pie. Either way it was flanked by a formation of piggy banks and some sort of blue cotton ball things. I only made it out alive by ducking into this... rather nicely decorated boutique.

Day 3
Opa-Opa arrived in the shop today, having stopped in to buy a high-powered laser and, for some reason, a 16-ton weight. Many good interns died along the way, but I was finally in a position to conduct my interview. Unfortunately, only at this late hour did I realize the subject of my interview has no mouth. He might have been able to sign his responses with his wings, but evidently he recently upgraded to a jet engine and the technician kept them as a souvenir. This whole assignment turned out to be a bit of a wash, but hey, at least the scenery was pretty.

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