As seen in: Rygar (Arcade)
Also in: Rygar: The Battle for Argus (Wii)
Distinguishing feature: Death yo-yo.
Strengths: Enjoying the beautiful parallax sunset; turning statues around.
Weaknesses: Giant bugs; depth perception issues when lining up winch and pulley.

Profile by Rene Decoste | February 13, 2010

Who was Rygar, the alleged Legendary Warrior of Argus? The debate in academia rages on to this day.

“Ancient Argus was a vastly different place than it is today,” muses archaeologist Yevgeny Nourish. “Latest evidence shows that there was a species of giant, rolling pill bugs plaguing the countryside. The men of Argus protected their green towers (traditional structures in ancient Argus) with diskarmors, which are sort of giant flaming yo-yos. They were very skilled. These creatures were thoroughly destroyed and now no longer exist, and that has allowed Argus to survive and eventually become present day Argos City.”

Others are less convinced. Darryl Revok, ancient weaponry expert for Izhevsk Mechanical Works, seems to think the diskarmor existing as a viable weapon is a myth only: “We tried to recreate one based on available information and historical records, but the device rendered was very unsafe. The spinning blade would rocket back so fast that if you didn't capture it on your bracer you were liable to cut yourself in half. We commissioned world yo-yo champion Shinji Saito, but it was a huge bust. He tried to to 'sleep' the gawdamned thing and it ground off all his fingers!”

Other items Rygar had in his possession weren't much better when recreated: “He had a 'wind-pulley' to cross lines of rope across gaps. We tried to recreate it, but it was just too difficult to use. You would think that you were attached and attempt to move forward, but you would walk into a river.” The grappling-hook-launching crossbow didn't work any better: “I can tell you it didn't work like Batman's. You still needed to use the wind pulley. And why weren't these one item in [Rygar's] inventory anyway?”

Classics professor Dr. Roxanne Keloid agrees that the legend of Rygar was heroic myth predating even Argus itself: “The city was known as Argool, and all known accounts are too fantastic to be reality. They are akin to the heroic epics of Gilgamesh or Beowulf.”

She also has theories on how Rygar was able to wield the diskarmor with out getting killed: “He was risen from the afterlife to defend Argool from the floating palace of Liger and to open the door of peace. This is a common theme in ancient belief. Other mythic stories tell of Zeus commanding heroes to 'wise from [their] gwaves' to perform a heroic task for him.”

Yevgeny Nourish still thinks it was based in historical fact: “Liger's palace was supposedly a flying stone lion, right? We all know of the embellishments of history, but there is always a kernel of truth. I don't think the palace was floating, but I do think it was the Sphinx!”

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