As seen in: Duck Tales (NES)
Also in: Duck Tales 2 (NES)
Distinguishing feature: Top hat, cane, and pince-nez.
Strengths: Jumping, ducking (naturally), pogoing.
Weaknesses: Avarice.

Profile by Justin Hoeger | February 3, 2010

Scrooge McDuck was already an old bird by the time of his first video game adventure, with a long and respectable film career in addition to his vast fortune.

But the old treasure hunter was still as spry an explorer as they come -- and even Indiana Jones can't say he found the lost Idol of Whatchamacallit armed only with a top hat and cane, or visited the freakin' moon in search of relics (extradimensional aliens don't count, sorry).

That cane was the key to Uncle Scrooge's exploits -- far more than a simple stick of wood, the amazing thing doubled as a pogo stick, allowing him to bound over high walls and land on his enemies -- the foes he encountered on his travels were frequently left writhing in agony from the internal wounds inflicted by Scrooge's merciless walking aid.

After his initial expedition, Scrooge went on a second, similar journey to gather lost treasures. Though Uncle Scrooge then largely retired from digital adventures, he has popped up as a bit player in modern games, such as Kingdom Hearts II. He'll do anything for a buck, that duck.

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