As seen in: Impossible Mission (Commodore 64)
Also in: Impossible Mission II (Commodore 64)
Distinguishing feature: Blood-curdling scream.
Strengths: Computer hacking, acrobatic.
Weaknesses: Evil robots.

Profile by Ben Langberg | February 3, 2010

When the anonymous Secret Agent signed up to become a spy, he thought he was entering the world of James Bond, with its cool gadgets, hot women, and megalomaniacal villains with a penchant for monologuing. He only got the monologuing villain.

Armed with nothing but basic computer hacking skills and the nigh-perfect forward jumping flip he perfected as a former gymnast, the Agent penetrated the stronghold of Professor Elvin Atombender, searching each room in the underground complex for computer codes while avoiding the robot guards. Atombender, of course, taunted him via loudspeaker at every turn, as all evil mad men do with their prey, but the Agent eventually bested him by finding all the password fragments -- hidden in the furniture of all places -- and captured Elvin before the professor was able to fully hack the world’s military computers and launch a doomsday missile strike.

Four years later, with no mention of any prison break, Elvin pursued nearly the exact same evil plan with newer robots and a slightly different fortress. The Agent was once again called to duty -- after doing some warms ups and some moderate stretching.

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