As seen in: Xevious (Arcade)
Also in: Solvalou (Arcade)
Distinguishing feature: Flies behind a giant reticle.
Strengths: Can Blast and Zap.
Weaknesses: Doing too well.

Profile by Jeremy Parish | January 31, 2010

The Aztecs are generally regarded as some of history's biggest bastards: An entire people whose culture largely centered around beating the crap out of one another and proving their manliness by withstanding preposterous self-inflicted abuses. But they had nothing on the Nazca people, who were actually an advance scouting group for a race of alien invaders that intended to settle among humans and turn them into delicious snacks. They even drew massive glyphs on the surface of the earth -- invisible from the surface level -- as a means by which to guide subsequent landing groups to the location of their advance settlement.

In fact, it was ultimately the Aztecs who saved humanity from the Nazca invasion. Sensing a dangerous presence in the world, their leading scientists communicated with their god-computer Huitzilopochtli to unmask the source of the disturbance and recommend a course of actions. Huitzilopochtli then directed the construction of an advanced warrior craft, Solvalou, a sky chariot capable of taking flight and curtailing the Nazca invasion before it could reach the ground.

Costly construction delays caused by internecine wars with rival nations prevented Solvalou's timely completion, and Huitzilopochtli was forced to improvise. The setbacks had given the Nazca time to establish a vanguard on the surface, and so Solvalou was modified to enable air-to-ground bombardment with a powerful weapon known as Zapper, which complemented the craft's air-to-air cannon, Blaster. Solvalou was able to confront wave after wave of Nazca forces, battling through a fleet that dynamically grew more powerful as the Solvalou's performance improved. Ultimately, the sacred vessel was able to destroy the Nazca mothership, ending the invasion and precipitating the invaders' extinction.

Sadly, mankind's victory celebration was short-lived; grateful visitors traveled across the seas to pay tribute to earth's saviors, unwittingly bringing with them a number of deadly diseases that wiped out the Aztec people in short order. Solvalou was a tremendous asset, but in the end proved to be of little use against smallpox.

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