Games | Suikoden Series Index | Konami's answer to Square's Final Fantasy, Enix's Dragon Quest, and Capcom's Breath of Fire, the Suikoden RPG series stands out for its single connected world and abundance of playable characters.

Main Series

Suikoden? | PlayStation | 1996
Apparently originally intended as a stand-alone game, this series starter now holds a place mainly of nostalgia, having been outstripped by later entries in the areas of plot, characterization, and gameplay.

Suikoden II? | PlayStation | 1999
Refinements in almost every area, a beloved cast of characters, and its own dose of nostalgia lead to a game still cited as the pinnacle of the series by many fans.

Suikoden III | PlayStation 2 | 2002
Not afraid to take risks, this game branched out in new directions, managing to gain more acclaim outside the fan community than in it.

Suikoden IV | PlayStation 2 | 2004
Set in the Suikoden world's distant past, this entry scaled back many of the established gameplay systems, and is often regarded as a low point for the series.

Suikoden V | PlayStation 2 | 2006
Combining many of the better elements from earlier games, Suikoden V is widely seen as a return to form. Here's hoping things keep looking up for the future.

Side-stories and Spin-offs

Suikogaiden? | PlayStation | 1999-2001 (JP)
A Japan-only release in two volumes, these adventure games with still pictures follow the adventures of Harmonian Nash Latkje (who also appears in Suikoden III) as well as featuring many characters from Suikoden II.

Suikoden Card Stories? | GameBoy Advance | 2001 (JP)
There was a point in the history of video games where everything apparently needed a card-game spinoff. This one features characters from Suikoden II.

Suikoden Tactics? | PlayStation 2 | 2005
A direct sequel to Suikoden IV, featuring your standard TRPG grid-based battles and an exceptionally silly plot.

Suikoden Tierkreis | Nintendo DS | 2009
The first handheld RPG and first game in the series not to take place in the same world, Tierkreis tries to cram the full Suikoden experience onto the tiny screen, with both successes and failures.

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