As seen in: Parodius (Arcade)
Also in: Sexy Parodius (Saturn)
Distinguishing feature: If you see any other octopi floating through the cosmos, Options trailing behind, let me know.
Strengths: Twitch reflexes and stage memory, or perhaps a keen willingness to die.
Weaknesses: The all-too-realistic ability to die from a single bullet, unless wearing a hat/condom.

Profile by Justin Fairchild | January 29, 2010

Konami's heroes are born in the fieriest pits of hell, even when their developers are so strung out that they populate their shooter engine with penguins, buzzing bees, and an interstellar octopus as lead hero. Takosuke, as he'd later be named, was largely spared the harsh trials of the Belmonts and Vic Vipers of the universe, as the Parodius developers were soon focusing on happy worlds full of cherubs, kitten-submarines and kitten-pirate-ships, mermaids and schoolgirls packing sunfish and fairly serious heat.

But Takosuke's story nevertheless begins in a dark place. Although Tako's world resembles flower gardens and gingerbread, it is a crucible of pain and suffering, full of parabolic and homing enemies, fast-moving bullets, and crippling screen flicker; where boss lead-ins involve caves which disintegrate and fall piece by piece, lasers cutting swaths in the screen on a mere moment's notice, and moai heads that not only blow rings but sneeze giant boogers too.

Although self-described as a "Programmer of Dreams" out to stop the nefarious evil Bug, in truth Tako was a Konami intern, bereft of the leveraging power to allow restarts near the boss, or even earn mercifully fair halfway points.

Fortunately, the plucky octopus was popular with the secretaries in the office, with his positive and childish attitude, dashing smile and trademark headband. So in concession to his youthful whimsy, the level two boss could be defeated in a simple game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

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