As seen in: Defender (Arcade)
Also in: Stargate: Defender II (Arcade)
Distinguishing feature: Can turn on a dime.
Strengths: Rescuing humans from marauding aliens.
Weaknesses: Mutants.

Profile by Jeremy Parish | January 7, 2010

Many are called to become Defenders of Earth, but few are chosen. That's because the process involves piloting a high-performance starcraft designed to perform a 180-degree turn in a split-second, a craft that even when stuffed with inertial dampeners and gravity compensators can turn the average man into a flat, pulpy substance. No, only the few have a bone structure and fleshy bits sufficiently durable to withstand the intense pressures of the Defender's trade.

One such man, who lived entirely on a diet of steak and whole milk, eventually came to be known only as the Defender, so skilled was he at his craft -- not to mention resistant to G-forces. His efforts were tinged with a special sort of urgency, as Earth had come under attack once again, this time by cybernetic alien landers designed to abduct and assimilate innocent civilians in order to enhance their own bio-mechanical powers. The Defender leapt into action and tore erratically through the skies, fighting waves of invaders… but mostly fighting his own brain's desire to let the intense inertial forces reduce it to a sort of lumpy grey pudding.

Only after destroying seemingly endless waves of aliens for hours at a time was the Defender able to step back and observe his newly-peaceful planet from a fixed point of view. He retired a hero, and spent the rest of his life sitting determinedly in a barcalounger, playing Resident Evil, nakedly admiring the slow, deliberate way in which the protagonists turned. After all, even heroes have their heroes.

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