AKA: The Prince of Persia
As seen in: The Prince of Persia (Apple II)
Also in: Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame (Apple II)
Distinguishing feature: Graceful movements, silly vest
Strengths: Pretty nimble for a mortal.
Weaknesses: Outmatched in pretty much every way.

Profile by Jeremy Parish | March 7, 2010

One of the strangest episodes in Iran's troubled history comes to us by way of noted historian Jordan Mechner, who some time ago uncovered documents detailing the curious tale of a man now known as the Prince of Persia. In those days, however, he was simply "The Foreign Prince," a stranger of noble birth from the north. Disaffected with the follies of feudal Europe, he relinquished his claim to his kingdom's throne and travelled to the Moorish lands, where he quickly became enamored with their sophisticated culture and advanced technology. And, also, with the princess of Persia, a stunning young woman who favored rather diaphanous and revealing daywear.

Unfortunately, their courtship was cut short by the king's sleazy lech of an advisor, Jaffar, who figured that there are worse ways to usurp the throne than by marrying a stunning young woman in diaphanous clothes. The prince, however, was having none of this, and he acrobatically leapt his way out of the royal dungeon where Jaffar had imprisoned him. A keen eye for traps and a willingness not to shy away from battling animated skeletons served him in good stead, and eventually he prevailed. Jaffar, defeated, set up shop as the royal vizier in Agrabah, where he tried the exact same stunt with that kingdom's princess several years later.

For his part, the Foreign Prince now truly the Prince of Persia wasn't entirely unsympathetic to Agrabah's plight, but didn't really feel too bad about dumping Baghdad's problems on someone else. It was, after all, the other sultan's own fault for not checking Jaffar's references after interviewing the prospective vizier in the first place. Plus, the newly-annointed prince had just discovered the royal harem and had more important things to attend to.

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