As seen in: Tetris (Elektronika 60)
Also in: Tetris (Game Boy, NES, High-rise buildings)
Distinguishing feature: Straight and thin, thank God.
Strengths: Can create a Tetris faster than Alexey Pajitnov.
Weaknesses: None.

Profile by Tomm Hulett | March 14, 2010

Our legends tell of a mysterious well
10 cells wide
And some say 20 cells high --

Where inside, oft reside,
Slowly falling in rows,
Magic shapes; Tetrominoes.

Of all these blocks, one especially rocks
The "I" block
Guaranteed to save the day.

Four squares long, never wrong.
Waiting patiently still
Come on "Next," there’s gaps to fill!

Rotate, rotate, send it to the ground.
Listening to hear the Tetris sound.

Other shapes fall, but they all drop the ball
The "I" block
Is really all you need.

"J" and "L"? Go to hell.
Both tend to drop in,
When you need the opposing twin.

"T" might be fine for a couple of lines
But the "O"
Never fits anywhere.

"Z" and "S": A hot mess.
Even playing for hours
Forget lines, they just build towers.

Rotate, rotate, vertical is key.
Close your eyes: Tetris is all you see.

-- Excerpt from Korobeiniki, traditional (translated from Russian)

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