As seen in: Faxanadu (NES)
Distinguishing feature: Wanders.
Strengths: Super dying skills; can fly.
Weaknesses: Loses the ability to fly as he grows stronger.

Profile by Matt Cramp | January 28, 2010

Who is the Wanderer? Some say that he is an elf, while others say that he is something else entirely. These latter people are rumormongers, and should be ignored. The question remains unanswered, however: Who is the Wanderer? What happened to his family, who presumably lived in Eolis before it was attacked and nearly destroyed by the dwarves? Why does he seems so familiar to the citizens of that town that they would trust him with their lives, even though they can't quite remember his name?

The citizens of Eolis would quite like to catch up with him, or preferably his body, because once peace and prosperity returned to them they'd discovered that the Wanderer had somehow managed to wangle nearly all the treasury's contents out of the King. The rumormongers would have you believe that the Wanderer died several times on his quest up the mountain, but that's clearly absurd. No-one can just die, and reappear in the nearest temple at the prime of life and potency. He must have somehow used his skills at disguise to merely pose as a newcomer to the land and a seasoned warrior, and ask for a small stipend to equip himself and be on his way.

The mystery that truly makes the elves uncomfortable is why, when the Wanderer became more and more renowned amongst the people of the World Tree, did the Wing Boots lift him off the ground for a shorter and shorter amount of time? It's tempting to believe that the World Tree was defending itself, but making one item less useful instead of, for instance, contaminating all the Red Potions with poison seems like a poor survival trait. Perhaps the theories amongst the elves are right, and the feet are indeed the source of all sin. The Wanderer, then, must have been so sinful that his feet overwhelmed the magic of the boots as he killed more and more dwarves and denizens of the World Tree—which implies that the force that dried up the elves' well and left them to starve to death might have been the good guys.

So who is the Wanderer? The elves, I think, might do well to realize that some questions are best left unanswered.

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