As seen in: Dragon Quest IV (NES)
Also in: Torneko: Last Hope (PlayStation)
Distinguishing feature: He's a fat guy in pajamas.
Strengths: A loving, loyal family man with a keen business sense.
Weaknesses: Paternity and economics don't count for much in battle.

Profile by Jeremy Parish | January 29, 2010

Endor Profiles Presents: Torneko Taloon

While most local merchants would be content to be awarded a plaque by the rotary club, one salesman set his sights a little higher. Namely, on saving the world! Meet Torneko Taloon, an up-and-coming armor merchant who recently moved here from distant Laknaba.

While Mr. Taloon would be perfectly happy to sell you a set of Dragon Scale Armor on consignment, he also has no trouble striking out with the legendary heroine and her retinue to protect humankind from the resurrection of ancient evils. In fact, the doughty shopkeeper originally moved here from his hometown after incurring the wrath of an eldritch evil's forces by funding the reconstruction of the Endor Bridge, whose destruction had disrupted area commerce for several years.

Though that act of generosity alone would make Mr. Taloon a hero in the eyes of most Endor residents, his feats didn't stop there! Once he had set up a new franchise here in town, he left soon after to travel the world with the legendary heroine, sealing an ancient evil that had threatened to destroy all of humankind. And through it all, he claims, all he could think about was how much he missed his beloved wife and son, who ran his business in his absence.

So how does Mr. Taloon respond to allegations that he's a truly great man, deserving of accolades and the devotion of his fellow citizens?

"Ach, that's no real dither," he told us, modestly. "'Twern't ever in my blood to be a real hero, nohow. I just want ta be with m'wife and boy, and maybe entertain the passersby."

His eyes glimmered mischievously and he slyly added, "Y'ever heard the one about the nun with a duck on her 'ead?"

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