As seen in: Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins (Game Boy)
Also in: Wario Land: Shake It! (Wii)
Distinguishing feature: Pink nose, elf ears, and a jagged mustache.
Strengths: Maniacal laugh, unwavering desire for spoils.
Weaknesses: Greed.

Profile by John Berger? | January 28, 2010

The man named Wario isn't exactly what you might think at first. With his piercing eyes, jagged mustache, pink nose, elf ears, curled shoes, and short, round stature, he looks like a twisted version of everyone's favorite plumber, Mario. And indeed, he did play nemesis to Mario for a while, even going so far as to invade his castle, once. But is he really all bad? Perhaps not. There is more to this character than meets the eye.

After his brief stint as a villain, Wario changed his ways and laid off the tough guy act. Rather than stealing someone's castle, he decided that he should simply build his own. More easily said than said than done, our rotund wiseguy would soon discover, as building castles isn't cheap. To remedy his problem, Wario set off on a quest to collect money to finance his endeavor: “This'll make that Mario jealous,” he thought to himself. After a job well done, Wario finally had his castle, and he spent his days relaxing inside.

Perhaps it was karma coming back to bite him, but it wasn't long before Wario awoke one day to find that his stash of pillaged money had been stolen! Indeed, it was Wario's nemesis Captain Syrup who was behind the plot. Wario, who was actually starting to feel a bit bored of his sedentary lifestyle, jumped into action on an adventure to retrieve his loot. This wouldn't be Wario's last encounter with that fiend, and he secretly always welcomed the opportunity to get out and let off some steam by beating up on Syrup's goons.

Come to think of it, he's pretty much exactly what he seems.

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