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Wait, do you seriously find wands with 0 charges in this game? That's just mean. Is there a way to recharge them?

That's actually an artifact of looking up information in the item index. It also says that the item you're looking at isn't identified.


Tonight, on Let's Play Angband: The thrilling montage conclusion. How will it all end? SPOILERS: Agent Cooper gets possessed by Bob. Sorry, that was an actual spoiler. Also Bruce Willis is also a ghost, and Rosebud is a sled.

Next time: ??? But I can already tell you I'm not planning on doing any more of these (at least not huge updates of them), hot damn that took FOREVER. The next update might also be a little late, because I'm switching to a new windows machine so that I can actually play Left 4 Dead after everyone else is finally sick of it. Don't worry, Viki's save file will be backed up to be extra-safe.

I do, however, like those multi-screen pastiches and I think I might actually post an entry somewhere down the line that's just a map of a whole dungeon. That would be most interesting when I get a vault (serious, horrible monsters and unique rooms) or a destroyed level (think Earthquake, but for the entire floor instead of just a 15-tile radius).

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