I agree with all of you that these tiles are extremely fugly. For reference, here's what the ascii will look like, even though I couldn't get as much stuff on the screen:

I wanted to make this as non-roguelike-fan friendly as possible, but honestly, compared to Nethack's (frankly quite good) tilesets, ASCII is the way to go here. This is what the graphical Windows version looks like, but I'll (probably) be playing on Mac when my computer comes out of the shop. The only difference is that the tiles will look a little more square, and all those gray blocks will be replaced with #s and the occasional % symbol.

For those of you who might be worried about remembering which letters and symbols are what, I'll be keeping everyone abreast of these things as often as possible. Most of them make a lot of sense (except some of the item symbols, but there are so few of those it's not much of a problem), and the whole thing isn't nearly as overwhelming as Nethack. It's not like I wouldn't have to remind you of what those hideous tiles are every time they show up anyway.

I'm totally not surprised that you guys want me to play a kobold, but right now it's a serious horserace between priest and warrior (and there's still plenty of time left for the rest of you to come in), 3 to 4.

For the curious: I didn't explain the thread title up above, so I might as well do it here. The most famous (and deadly, at least before you get resistances) of common monsters in Angband are hounds, elemental-based monsters which can perform breath attacks. These are essentially spells that hit a 3-tile radius, and these monsters come in groups: HUGE groups. If they all breathe on you in the same turn, you can get the dreaded status message(s):

Originally posted by Unlucky player
It breathes X. It breathes X. It breathes X. It breathes -more-
You have died.

It's been a while since I made it deep enough into the dungeon to die this way, but believe me, in the past there have been many deaths at the hands (paws?) of hound-type monsters. Maybe if we're lucky (?) I'll even get to post one.

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