The final votes are in!

I rolled the Kobold Warrior/Kobold Rogue votes together because not only is that cheating and gives me leeway to play my favorite race/class combination in the game (seriously) but because like I said, a warrior will be boring to watch because he won't use anything but swords and bows. Warriors can't even use wands right some of the time.

So here's what we've got! I might be a little off, but here were the requests:

Kobold Rogue: 5
Kobold Priest: 4
Dwarf Paladin: 2
Dwarf Priest: 1
Gnome Mage: 1

Since I'm going to be dying - a lot! - these are the characters I'll play first, starting with the most-requested and working my way down to least (unless our kobold rogue meets an unbearable fate, like falling into a pit trap on the first floor, which is instantly fatal for anything with less than 12hp).

For those of you who care about the minutae of the game: This is mostly going to be of interest to other roguelike players, but here's the general setup for the game(s) that I'll be running. For the curious, coming back here later after I explain things like scumming, variants, and how artifacts are generated might make what I'm about to put out there more interesting.

First, I'm going to be playing vanilla Angband 3.0.9b. Kobolds were introduced in the 3.0.x line as a playable class, probably due to the fact that they show up in every variant, and it seems like there's been some balancing in general. 3.1.0b is out now and good lord do I have mixed feelings about it - for a new player, I can see it being very nice (more balancing, traps now have depths associated with them, removal of potions of stat loss (!!!)) but those balance changes just irk the hell out of me. Part of the fun of roguelikes is how unforgiving they are from the second you start playing.

The birth options I have set are: No autoscum, preserve mode, no ironman settings (this is a real game, not some ridiculous challenge), and monsters are "smart" - they'll chase sound, smell, and act intelligently in groups. For the curious, this just modifies the pathfinding algorithms slightly in the first two cases, and in the last case makes monsters more likely to flank me and fuck my shit straight up. Smart groups is a new option introduced in the 3.0.x line, and it makes things like cave orcs - which were previously a pushover with a wand of light - extremely dangerous, because if you spend too long in one place where they can, they WILL flank you instead of blindly running down a tunnel straight at you. This makes monster pits something other than exp farms, and I love it.

In an ordinary game, I'd never look at a single spoiler. Since I actually want to try and win this, though, I'll allow myself two spoiler sources: Source code (mostly for missile weapon damage calculation) and an artifact list. In most games I play I only end up with two or three artifacts by the time I bite it, but again, I'm in it to win it on this one and will be playing cautiously.

I promise to never cheat death or savescum. I will never turn on wizard mode, or use the debug commands. Every single cheat option will be off. Okay, this isn't exactly true - I used some of these tools to manipulate Goofus' game.

For everyone: Did your eyes just glaze over? That's okay, that was some really serious jargon-filled muck that only somebody who's played Angband a few times already (or maybe another roguelike) would understand. Don't let it scare you, I'm going to be way friendlier once the posts start coming in... approximately... SOON.

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