Welcome back to Let's Play Angabnd. First off, this is a very off-the-cuff post, and won't go through my usual editing process because it's going to be very short. Secondly, the next time tag had nothing to do with this, while appropriate.

You can guess what this update is. But the next update will proceed as planned, believe it or not. It's kind of a spinoff, like Kramer, except good.

Let's get started! First, let me set the scene for you; Viki has just wandered into what appears to be a room containing only a lowly druid (p). Now, as you might remember from an earlier post, druids can summon, but this won't be much of a problem.

Unfortunately there is a bronze dragonfly (F) in the room - these monsters are not detected by telepathy. They also breathe confusion.

So Viki stumbles around for a while.

Then the druid decides to summon some monsters, and paralyzes her to boot. This is where things get bad. Viki eventually wakes up and tries using her Staff of Teleportation to escape, but...

The result is predictable.

WHAT WENT WRONG: First of all, I'm an idiot. Secondly, Viki was carrying mushrooms of Cure Confusion, and those should have been eaten immediately, on the spot. Thirdly, before taking any other action, a healing potion should've been drunk.

Those two actions would have saved Viki. I'm sorry, Viki. I failed you.

(That text on the bottom is supposed to read NEVA 4 GET, by the way, but Blingee fucked it all up. Fuck you, Blingee.)

Let's Play Angband is now at a crossroads. The first page of the thread tells me that you guys wanted to see a paladin, but fuck that - if I'm playing another game I'm going to go back to my old standby, Gnome Mage. Now, here's the problem: I love doing Let's Play Angband, but I hate keeping the queue blocked up if new LPs can't start because it's still running. I'm also going to have drastically reduced free time starting in August, which would mean I'd have to go from the standard 3-4 entries a month and scale back to just one or two. But this LP could, theoretically, run until I actually win a game. That might be a while.

Therefore it's time for you to vote! Do you want to see more Let's Play Angband? If you do, then say YES and if you're tired of obscure pop culture references and links to youtube clips of Night Trap, then say NO. If you vote YES, updates will continue as regular and this time I get to name my character. If you vote NO, then, well - I'll probably post in the YASD thread from time to time. You guys have plenty of time to decide, and I'll tally the votes after the next entry is made.

NEXT TIME: Tomorrow's recipe is chicken, my love. And also a continuation of the previous entry, in a way.

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